On the announcement of the Royal Institution's 2017 Autumn Programme, including the 2-night run of WiFi Wars 2017 Xmas Bash: "We recently found out that the last time the same speaker came back for two nights in a row was Nikola Tesla in 1892."

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- "Not To Be Missed"

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- DEN OF GEEK ("Incredible...Amazing... The best night out for classic videogame fans we can think of")
- TV CREAM ("If you get the chance to see WiFi Wars, do so’s brilliant fun" (Review of the Year)

CLICK HERE for an article about us in THE LIST magazine
- "It might sound clichéd, but 'fun' is the most apt word for it....The games range from 8-bit classics to 3D first-person shooters, and they're all mightily impressive. Remember the pure enjoyment of playing video games as a kid? Here, it's recreated on a massive scale."

CLICK HERE for our 5 STAR review from THE WEE REVIEW at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2016
- "Mind meltingly clever – it feels like a gaming party night...Plenty of fun for everyone from novices, to the slightly skilled, to the most competitive and nimblest of thumbs...A unique experience to which audiences will no doubt return again and again. Go alone or go with others, but if you like laughing and playing games, just go. "

CLICK HERE for the 'KIDRATED.COM' review of our family-friendly version of the show
- "Really fun - nine out of ten!"

CLICK HERE for an article about us from THE LONDONIST
- "Some of the best fun we've had in aeons."

CLICK HERE for our 5-STAR review from DARK CHAT
- "The most fun a gaming geek can have in the dark after midnight."

CLICK HERE for our 4.5-STAR review from THE LATEST (BRIGHTON)
- "A remarkable hit rate of rollicking video game experiences. Rarely has taking part in a live show felt so fun and so natural"

- "Something you won't want to miss"

CLICK HERE for our 4-STAR review from BROADWAY BABY
- "Good, old fashioned (with state of the art technology) fun. Theatre needs more of this."

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- "Five reasons gamers cannot miss EGX 2015"

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- "Must-sees at Reading/Leeds Festival, 2017 (Alternative Stage)"

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- "Brilliant, technically impressive and genuinely engaging"


We're taking a short break from our scheduled online shows, but they will return later in the year.

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