On the announcement of the Royal Institution's 2017 Autumn Programme, including the 2-night run of WiFi Wars 2017 Xmas Bash: "We recently found out that the last time the same speaker came back for two nights in a row was Nikola Tesla in 1892."

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- "Not To Be Missed"

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- "It might sound clichéd, but 'fun' is the most apt word for it....The games range from 8-bit classics to 3D first-person shooters, and they're all mightily impressive. Remember the pure enjoyment of playing video games as a kid? Here, it's recreated on a massive scale."

CLICK HERE for our 5 STAR review from THE WEE REVIEW at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2016
- "Mind meltingly clever – it feels like a gaming party night...Plenty of fun for everyone from novices, to the slightly skilled, to the most competitive and nimblest of thumbs...A unique experience to which audiences will no doubt return again and again. Go alone or go with others, but if you like laughing and playing games, just go. "

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- "Something you won't want to miss"

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What the audience said on twitter about the Royal Institution shows:
"Another great evening of #WiFiWars at the RI with @robsedgebeer and @stevemcneil and a Guinness World Record to boot!"
"Cutting edge retro fun"
"Had a great night at #WiFiWars so much fun and so much laughing."
"Amazing evening at #WiFiWars with @stevemcneil and @robsedgebeer. Guinness world record for pong!"
"#WiFiWars is amazing! Played pong with 300 people @Ri_Science :D"
"Steve McNeil and Rob Sedgebeer are basically Penn & Teller for video games.
One does the talking, the other the impressive stuff"
"#WiFiWars is a brilliant show, can't wait for it to get out there to a wider public"
"Another great show guys. Can't wait for the TV show"
"Amazing feat of fun craziness with smartphones!"
"Brilliant show #WiFiWars. All hail these guys!...Sign them up for telly"
"Steve McNeil and Rob Sedgebeer make gaming fun for all ages at @Ri_Science.
What a fun evening after work! #WifiWars"
"Geeked out big time at the superb event at the Royal Institution tonight."
"Just come back from #WiFiWars it was (officially) amazing."
"Hey @WiFiWarsUK was excellent, well recommended, plus was 7th of 300 overall FTW!"
"Fantastic evening. Thanks for letting me release my inner geek"
"Brilliant evening @Ri_Science at #WiFiWars tonight, we all loved it! Think my 10 yr old lost his voice from shouting...Such a great use of technology everyone carries round with them 24/7, making mobile games social (and I'm emphatically no gamer!)"
"I'm at WiFi Wars at the Royal Institution ... geek heaven :)"
"My god #WiFiWars was a great 2 hours. Sitting in a lecture room playing video games Doesn't get any better than that"
"The show definitely lived up to the spirit of the building"

What the audience said on twitter about our
Eurogamer/EGX 2015 appearances (Birmingham NEC):

"WiFi Wars is actually the best thing I've ever played in my life"
"That's how you do a party! #EGX2015 #WiFiWars"
"WiFi Wars was the coolest thing ever...really fun and creative :)"
"Awesome party game for the 21st century. Well done #wifiwars"
"#wifiwars was f***ing intense"
"WIFI WARS at EGX community party are AMAZING!"
"EGX Community Party is excellent. WiFi Wars is ridiculous fun.
Beer, 8bit music, frandz and games :)"
"Great night at the EGX Afterparty thanks to @WiFiWarsUK"
"Great night at the @EGX community party
@gangbeasts and @WiFiWarsUK were brilliant! Thanks guys"
"#WiFiwars is fun as f***"
"#WiFiWars at #EGX aftershow is a stroke of genius...Brilliant stuff"
"defo a highlight of this year's @EGX
me and @KWoww_4 loved WiFi Wars #goodtimes"
"@WiFiWarsUK @EGX thanks for an awesome night"
"Great after-party! Please come do wifi wars at our wedding!"

What the audience said on twitter about our Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015/2016 shows:
"It gets better every time I see it"
"Enjoyed WiFi Wars last night despite being mostly s*** at it. It's going to be enormous"
"Absolutely incredible show tonight. An #edfringe highlight for me!"
"The scope & potential of @WiFiWarsUK is incredible. Great show."
"Great fun at #WiFiWars but worried I'll never excite the boyfriend as much as seeing his name on the leaderboard did"
"@WiFiWarsUK was MASSIVE fun tonight & I'm now an over stimulated 40yr old child #nosleepforme"
"A fabulous show...never had so much fun in my life! Playing games and competing - amazing."
"I really adore @WiFiWarsUK, seeing it's inception from a late night Fringe show to an outstanding TV programme, then back again is great."
"I'm coming to WiFi Wars again this weekend...so nice, I'll see it twice. Good work!"
"Can't recommend it enough. Hilarious and fun, see it while you have the opportunity!"
"WiFi Wars is one to see 100% class!"
"I lost every game and had a blast. Amazing. See it next weekend for sure."
"To all geeks & nerds. Charge your bones. Bring your bones. Use your bones & have fun with @WiFiWarsUK brilliant fun"
"#WiFiWars was bloody amazing!!"
"#wifiwars was bloomin brilliant! Ruddy good job guys MORE SHOWS MORE SHOWS!"
"Just had the funnest show ever @ThePleasance - #WifiWars Great fun"
"OMG #wifiwars was epic. ALL HAIL KING ROB!"
"#WiFiWars has absolutely worn out my phone battery, but it was so worth it! #allhailkingrob"
"#WiFiWars was amazing! @stevemcneil was a wonderful host (as ever) & @robsedgebeer is a Wizard! #LetsDoAGaming"
"#WiFiWars was fantastic! thanks @stevemcneil & @robsedgebeer
"My competitive streak had a major workout at #WiFiWars tonight. So did my thumbs. Awesome show! #AllHailKingRob
"wifiwars is incredible! Top 3 of the fringe with ease"
"Great game show things with WiFi Wars. 200+ people all connected is no simple task but they did it and made it fun/loud/manic."
"Shoutout to #WiFiWars for THE BEST fun last night! Brilliantly geeky, hilarious and gleefully clever.""
"Last night I think #WiFiWars was my show of the Fringe. So inventive and fun. My mind boggles at the tech but I adored every moment."

What the audience said on twitter about our Birmingham tour show:
"All-out geeky immersive fun at its best"
"Who would have thought you could create a hugely entertaining sellout show getting adults to play retro 80’s games #WiFiWars #innerchild 200 grownups having a brilliant laugh regressing!!! "
"Awesome show, highly recommended, even for non-geeks!"
"What an awesome concept. Loved it - for all those pale uncoordinated unsporty types #wifiwars might just be a kind of competitive utopia #geekout loved it"
"Went to WiFi Wars in Birmingham it was so fun everyone should go its so cool"
"What an excellent 2 hours playing retro games with 200 people at @mac_birmingham I urge you to catch it!"
"Bloomin loved @WiFiWarsUK @mac_birmingham kids show. A little rowdy but was much more fun that way. Game on for the “grown ups” show later"
"Happy to see lots of female gamers on the leaderboard tonight #WiFiWars"
"Thanks for a great show!"
"Loved #wifiwars at @mac_birmingham Thanks for a fun show"
"Sonny had a blast at @WiFiWarsUK at @mac_birmingham today. Brilliant idea. Pity his fat-fingered Dad let the Red side down…"
"Really fun show today, really enjoyed it!"
"enjoyed the show today @mac_birmingham good all round fun"
"I was on the leaderboard after pong, and never again! Great show today @WiFiWarsUK"
"Awesome time #alhailkingrob"
"Soooooo much fun"
"All hail King Rob! #WiFiWars was incredible fun"
"Awesome night @wifiwarsuk"
"thanks for a phenomenal show!!…loved being the captain!"
"A unique & amazing evening of gaming fun with @wifiwarsuk Thank you Rob & Steve!!"
"Yay for WiFi wars! Thanks for a great evening :D"
"Alas I could not retain my top 10 position, but definitely had the best night at @mac_birmingham being part of #WiFiWars!!!"
"Epic night of gaming! Go Growlers! #Winners #RedTeam #KingRob"
"#wifiwars what an amazing night of fun! Brilliant loved it! And we won!"
"Great night, loads of laughs"
"Loved @WiFiWarsUK at @mac_birmingham - I peaked at 5th on the chart :) Audience participation at its best!"
"Great night playing 8-bit games"
"It was brilliant fun! Great show! Xx"
"Great time at @WiFiWarsUK last night"


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